This novel is about a necessary battle to save humanity and the Planet after the creation of the SANG, a powerful machine capable of doing havoc.
Dr. Raisa Ilyushkin invented the SANG device that creates xenoborgs, continent-sized organisms that incorporate nanobots, artificial intelligence, and robotics into an efficient living machine.

Stepan Pavlovich, leader of an international crime syndicate called the Apparat, took a copy of the SANG. He plans to use the device for his evil plans, including mass murder, to reduce the world’s population to those loyal to him.

Raisa must stop him before he destroys civilization, or the xenoborgs get out of control and end life on Earth. In the meantime, the Xenoborgs develop personalities and social order of their own.

Readers will be drawn into the imaginative science fiction of David Witherington Stewart by its gripping story, thanks to its use of contemporary technology, dangerous adventure, and wicked people.


Serious Consequences Book

Serious Consequences

Aggie Upton wakes up from a coma to find her house destroyed, her husband in federal prison, all her assets frozen, and her son staying with a hostile sister-in-law.  A member of the syndicate tells Aggie that Leroy Greene will kill her and her son if they talk to the police. Aggie and a friend open a secret safe deposit box and find money and mysterious USB flash drives. Aggie turns the data over to the FBI. The data sticks contain information needed to convicted many mobsters of money laundering, smuggling, and human trafficking.


Aggie her friend, and her son go into witness protection. Aggie testifies at the  International Court of Justice in The Hague, Netherlands, which results in the conviction of several international kingpins for the syndicate. Aggie husband gets a reduced sentence for providing evidence, but remains in maximum security prison. Aggie and her son go into the witness protection program with the intention of it being permanent.

Pyschic Redemption Book

Psychic Redemption

The spirit of sixteen-year-old Julie Gustafson, who died shortly after giving birth, possesses paramedic Bonnie McConnell to find her child. This occurs when Bonnie makes a wish during the game “truth fire.” Bonnie has a seizure and is rushed back to the hospital in Coreopsis, Florida by her friends.  The doctors realize that something extraordinary is going on during a psychiatric evaluation, and, under hypnosis, find out that Julie’s spirit is the cause. Julie’s spirit persuades Bonnie to help discover what happened to Julie’s baby.  The spirit’s psychic powers enable Bonnie and her to overcome opposition, and discover Bonnie is Julie’s daughter from thirty years earlier. After Julie completes her mission and finds her daughter, she goes to the afterlife, but leaves a piece of her spirit in Bonnie’s soul.

Pyschic Redemption Book

Within The Wind

Within the Wind is a paranormal thriller novel in which paramedic, Bonnie McConnell predicts a category 5 hurricane that impacts the east coast of Florida. Trapped in the hurricane with an international gangster, Bonnie must attempt to save his wife, who is critically ill from a tropical disease, and deal with forces emanating from ancient Native American spirits that threaten her unborn daughter.

Pyschic Redemption Book

Cabrera Landing

Leon Wetherby buys Cabrera Landing, an isolated property on the Indian River Lagoon to be close to his granddaughter. He sees unusual specters around the property. He discovers Cabrera Landing is a stop on an escalator between alternate universes. Hassalla, a cosmic creature, transports Leon and others to the twelfth millennium BCE. In an alternate universe, they face hunger, thirst, and cold, as well as numerous ice-age animals such as saber-toothed tigers, dire wolves and cave bears.fe. When Leon’s granddaughter inherits Cabrera Landing, she decides to sell it to an emissary of Nanya. Nanya quarantines Cabrera Landing to prevent others from going through the same fate as Leon, Annabel and the others.

Pyschic Redemption Book

Seeking Success

Only a few people participated in America’s manned space program from its genesis with Project Mercury to the development of the Space Shuttle and International Space Program. This memoir traces David W. Stewart’s evolution from a youngster during World War II, through his involvement in aerospace, small business, and finally as a writer and community leader

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