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Science fiction doesn’t only bank on intricate universes and challenging plots. It doesn’t only revolve around technology or aliens. Instead, believable science fiction characters are what makes it compelling.

Science fiction remains popular because of its vast space for creativity and its lack of imposed limitations. Authors have the freedom to write their stories however they wish the plots to unfold. They also have the liberty to incorporate any characters they believe will breathe the most life into their stories. In science fiction, authors have all the space and authority to bring wondrous and horrendous creatures and events to life.

From aliens down to complex machinery becoming sentient, this genre is home to mind-bending and enthralling anomalies. However, one thing remains certain, regardless of how unique and out-of-the-world science fiction is. Like other genres, no story would survive without characters bringing it to life.

Life Carries Stories

Many authors might believe the plot is everything. They focus on writing intricate multiverses and building the most intriguing worlds, thinking these make readers invested. While they contribute to the story’s allure, these factors aren’t everything.

What’s a good world if it’s without characters that interact and maximize its complexity? No story would exist without characters bringing life into the world built. The plot won’t progress if there aren’t little people making decisions that can make or break the circumstances. While worldbuilding and plotting are essential in stories, character creation should also be spotlighted.

This is especially important in science fiction narratives. When the world often takes the most light and detailing, the characters are left bland and forgettable. Since science fiction stories take on complex plots and conflicts, it’s easy to forego the intricate character-building process, which shouldn’t be. Characters are these stories’ lifeline. Hence, when it’s crucial to craft sensational plots, creating believable science fiction characters shouldn’t be left out.

The character’s triumphs and losses in science fiction amount to the plot’s progress. This captivates the audience, heartening them to invest in the story. While the world and plot catch their attention initially, the characters, their decisions, and their sentiments make them stay.

How To Create Believable Science Fiction Characters?

David W. Steward’s Angel of Mortality: Defender of Life Creator of Chaos, is one of those books equipped with an exciting plot and equally compelling characters. While the story focuses on Dr. Raisa, an ordinary yet brilliant human who invented a xenoborg-creating device, it also involves other interesting characters that enhance the storyline. Like any other story, the book also includes an antagonist who only desires to rule over the world and beat the protagonist.

As a science fiction novel, it also incorporates robotics and artificial intelligence that, while they don’t have to be human, can embody human characteristics to elevate the story. How he portrays his characters is why David’s book has successfully drawn readers.

But the question is, how did he create interesting and believable science fiction characters?

Developing well-rounded characters can be exhausting. But it’s vital to the story’s success. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to take an expert to make science fiction characters stand out. The process is like creating any other character. They must have a backstory, development arc, and interesting personalities. But the only difference with creating believable science fiction characters is that authors must incorporate abilities or knowledge that would push them to extraordinary discoveries.

This is the magic in science fiction. It allows space to experiment and create distinct characters without worrying if they truly exist.

A Guide To Breathing Life

When creating believable science fiction characters, authors don’t have to be completely worried about building the perfect figures. They can go through character building slowly, gradually molding their personas to enhance the story.

From a basic idea of what they want their character to be, authors can begin conceptualizing the role this individual plays. Will they be the hero, a sidekick, or the villain? By first dressing these characters with basic characteristics, authors can label them their roles, which will also help create their backstories. Typically, heroes would have a relatively sad history. This fuels their desire for goodness and justice, making them perfect bringers of justice and the world’s saviors.

Like the plot and the world, the character is all left to the author’s discretion.

Believable science fiction characters must be relatable. Hence, they can embody the typical personalities and histories of ordinary humans. Authors would only have to consider a singular trait that would make them different and fictional in essence. By starting with their traits and histories, it will be easy for authors to challenge them toward their character development.

A memorable science fiction must have believable characters with moving development arcs. This would leave a lasting impression on readers, making the story compelling.

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