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A good science fiction thriller captivates readers and keeps them eagerly turning the pages.

Science fiction thrillers are a genre that combines the suspenseful and high-stakes elements of a thriller with the imaginative and futuristic concepts of science fiction. They feature intense action and technological advancements and often explore ethical dilemmas, offering a gripping and exciting reading experience.

Science fiction

Science fiction is a genre that imagines things that could happen in the future or different worlds. It often talks about exploring space, using advanced technology, going to other dimensions, traveling through time, and finding life on other planets. People also call it the “literature of ideas” because it explores what might happen if science and technology advance.


Thrillers are exciting mysteries that are packed with action and suspense. They have lots of twists in the plot and keep you engaged. Unlike regular puzzles, thrillers focus on giving you enough information to understand why the characters are in danger or need to do something meaningful. While all thrillers are mysteries, not all mysteries are as thrilling.

“Angel of Mortality” by David Witherington Stewart

Angel of Mortality” by David Witherington Stewart is a captivating science fiction novel centered around Dr. Raisa Ilyushkin, a biophysicist who invents the SANG device, a fusion of nanotechnology, artificial intelligence, and robotics. This groundbreaking creation spawns xenoborgs, intelligent beings the size of continents, capable of addressing climate change, pollution, energy production, medicine, and social services.

However, Stepan Pavlovich, the leader of the Apparat, misuses the SANG device to unleash deadly pandemics and war machines. Raisa and her team, aided by defense organisms EVE and SUNESUN, strive to halt Pavlovich’s destructive plans while grappling with ethical dilemmas surrounding advanced technology. “Angel of Mortality” is a stunning and thought-provoking science fiction work, incorporating mesmerizing technology that holds the potential to either save or endanger humanity.

Through its innovative storytelling, the book transports readers to imaginative realms that shed light on fundamental truths about our existence. Fans of science fiction and technology enthusiasts alike will relish this exceptional narrative.

Tips for writing science fiction thrillers 


Develop a detailed and immersive world for your story. Set it in the future or alternate reality, and establish the rules, technology, and societal norms unique to your world. Ensure that the world you create contributes to tension and suspense.

Engaging Protagonist

Create a compelling protagonist that readers can root for. They should be relatable but possess skills or qualities that make them uniquely suited to confront the challenges in your story. Give them a personal stake in their conflicts, adding depth to their character.

High-Stakes Conflict

Introduce a central conflict that has significant consequences and keeps the readers hooked. The conflict should be larger than the protagonist, potentially impacting the entire world or civilization. Build tension by continuously raising the stakes and keeping the threat looming over the characters.

Pacing and Tension

Maintain a fast-paced narrative to keep readers engaged. Incorporate moments of suspense, intense action, and plot twists to create an adrenaline-fueled experience. Balance these high-energy scenes with quieter moments that allow for character development and provide breathing space.

Technological Thrills

Exploit the possibilities of advanced technology in your story. Introduce futuristic gadgets, scientific discoveries, or technological advancements that play a vital role in the plot and contribute to the sense of wonder and danger. Ensure the technology is integrated seamlessly into the story and remains plausible within the established world.

Moral Dilemmas

Explore ethical quandaries and moral dilemmas arising from scientific or technological advancements. Present your characters with difficult choices that test their values, forcing them to confront the consequences of their actions. Moral dilemmas add depth and complexity to the narrative, making it more thought-provoking.

Plot Twists and Reveals

Surprise your readers with unexpected plot twists and revelations. Keep them guessing and engaged by incorporating unforeseen developments that challenge their assumptions and keep the story unpredictable. However, ensure these twists are logically consistent and don’t feel forced.

Emotional Resonance

Pay attention to the emotional aspect of your story. Connect readers with the characters on an emotional level by exploring their fears, desires, and vulnerabilities. Emphasize the human element in your science fiction thriller to create a more impactful and relatable experience.

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