Xenoborgs and xenomorphs have been featured in movies and video games for many years. They are generally presented as humanoid robots that utilize various design technologies.

       The xenoborg EVE in Angel of Mortality uses modern technologies̶̶̶—nanotechnology, Artificial Intelligence, quantum computing, composite materials, and neural networks—so, EVE doesn’t have a rigid humanoid structure. EVE is an amorphous continent-sized sheet, like plastic wrap, which is capable of morphing into almost any shape.

       After fifty-two years’ experience in engineering, management, and program development, I’m convinced that a machine similar to EVE could be developed in fifteen years or less to reduce atmospheric, ocean, and land pollution while providing clean energy and human services and eventually stopping global warming.

       This effort would require a global effort and investment equivalent to that currently expended worldwide on war and defense. We could literally pound our swords into plow shares.

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