After publishing Psychic Redemption, I wanted to continue to develop the character Bonnie McConnell and continue the paranormal theme of my first novel. After the trauma of spiritual possession, Bonnie returns to her duties as a paramedic.

       Many people are aware of her psychic powers, and when she predicts a class five hurricane heading toward Coreopsis, Florida, they take her seriously, as a serious tropical depression is developing in the Mid-Atlantic Ocean. Coreopsis and Brevard County start preparations early. When the storm comes, Bonnie and her crew are stranded on Merritt Island to treat a critically ill woman with a tropical disease.

       During the hurricane, the Chief of the Wind, Ho-Tah-Lee, visits Bonnie to appeal for the release of his daughter Banna, who is held captive by the spiritual bond that still holds Bonnie.
       Bonnie agrees, and when Banna is free, Ho-Tah-Lee reduces the strength of the storm so that she can take the woman to a hospital. Bonnie loses her psychic powers, leaves the emergency team, and transfers to the geriatric ward for which she was training.

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