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There are many spiritual truths you should know about because they provide our lives with so much meaning and value.

David Stewart, the author of Psychic Redemption, aims to tell readers a story about a spiritual quest for truth. A truth that readers would soon find out for themselves as they flipped every page until they reached the last one. It’s a tale of mystery and uncovering twist after twist laid out by David and his masterful skill in storytelling.

With that in mind, join us as we discuss some spiritual truths you will certainly appreciate knowing about because they make life worth living!

Spiritual Truth #1: The Words We Utter or Write Are Powerful — Like Psychic Abilities

Words are like seeds. Words have power. You sow a seed in the world, in other people, and in yourself each time you speak.

As long as you keep using those phrases, this seed will grow. This prompt suggests that it’s critical to consider what seeds you want to sow. Do you want to plant seeds of inspiration, love, and hope? Or are the seeds of fear, hate, or self-sabotaging thoughts too powerful for your mouth to stop?

Your worldview is shown by the way you use language and words. In turn, your belief system will determine whether you are a victim or a creator, powerful or weak. We can start living up to our full potential by modifying our self-deprecating or negative self-talk patterns.

There are numerous ways in which we might produce blessings with words. When we want to communicate to our highest Self or access our connectedness to everything, we can use the words of power we say out loud or in our hearts during prayers.

It’s essential to remember that the language we use daily shapes both the world and ourselves.

Spiritual Truth #2: Love Is the Reason Why We Exist in This World

Out of all the spiritual truths you should know about, the fact that we are love makes us the very thing we seek is one of the most important ones. The idea of your uniqueness was meticulously crafted before you came here. You received a mission in the form of destiny so that you might share the unique gift that only you have to offer the world.

In the same way that Julie had to finish her mission in Psychic Redemption, you’ll have to navigate through life and complete your mission, too. You wouldn’t be here if someone else could fulfill your destiny; instead, they would find themselves in your position.

Our connection to one another is a bright, spiritual thread of divine creation, and we are made of energy and born of love. Love is what ultimately makes this one of the most valuable spiritual truths you need to know about.

Spiritual Truth #3: All of Us Are Spiritual Beings Embarking on a Human Journey

In actuality, we’re all spiritual beings living human experiences, not human beings experiencing spiritual experiences. Whether they realize it or not, every individual is on a spiritual journey.

Spiritual Truth #4: It’s Not Our Job to Convince Others About Our Own Truth

The most essential thing people can accomplish is learning what it takes to love—both ourselves and others—and how to love more. Our essence is derived from an unwavering supply of love and light; this spark creates us and resides within each of us. We are a part of the limitless source of light and love from which we originated and will always return; we can never be separated.

The secret to returning to our original state of being is realizing how to love oneself without conditions. We just mask it and forget who we really are. From then on, the ability to forgive yourself and other people becomes what sets your heart free.

Nobody needs to be persuaded of who you truly are. Nobody needs to be persuaded of anything because they are also spiritual beings. The most effective medication for you, the people around you, and the planet is to become a beacon of your own truth.

Live by These Spiritual Truths You Should Know and Start Living Your Life Today

Finding the will to live can sometimes be a tiring endeavor. But with David Stewart’s book, Psychic Redemption, you’ll be reading a wonderful tale all about a spirit’s journey. A tale that focuses on fulfilling a mission so important that not even death could stop her from finding that psychic redemption.

Don’t miss out on a great story and grab a copy of David Stewart’s book today. Check out our other articles as well and learn more about David’s thoughts on publishing Psychic Redemption!

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